Jaguar Race Results from Recent Races.
When it comes to chip timing systems, our Jaguar race timing system is the most advanced solution for
Marathons, triathlons, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, cross country skiing, motocross and more.  Our system
uses advanced RFID technology to deliver accurate race results.  Timing systems need to ensure that chip timing
works well for all types of events.  Many chip timing systems don't include the advanced software features that
Jaguar offers.  So, when it comes to chip timing systems, Jaguar delivers because it is the one chip timing system
that comes with all the tools you need.  Results from Jaguar timed races.
chip timing system marathons cycling 10K 5K triathlons racing
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ITS Jaguar(tm) Timing System Race Results
Largest 5K event in the world with 71,000+ participants chooses Jaguar!
chip timing system marathons cycling 10K 5K triathlons racing
chip timing system marathons cycling 10K 5K triathlons racing
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Races Timed with Jaguar
One of the most challenging races to time is
a large 5K event.  Runners are crossing the
finish line in large groups.  When you have a
5K event with 71,000+ participants, you
better use a timing system that works!

This year (2010) the Susan G. Komen St.
Louis Race for the Cure
(R) offered chip
timing to their participants.  Roughly 2000
runners signed up and were thrilled to know
that their results would be displayed in
real-time with no delay!  In addition, there
were no mats or ramps in the way.  The
disposable G-Chip on the bib once again
proved it's a winner!  Jaguar had a nearly
perfect 100% read rate at the finish line.  
Although most everyone in this race choose
not to be timed, they might as well have.
Jaguar was designed from day one to time
events of all sizes.