ITS offers a competitive platform to other industry manufacturers including Ipico Sports and Chronotrack.  Both Ipico and Chronotrack use ground-based antennas.  Ipico uses matts and Chronotrack
uses a small ramp.  Ipico uses a permanent chip and Chronotrack uses a disposable chip.  Ipico uses a dual frequency design while Chronotrack operates in UHF.  Ipico offers customization of tags, as
does Chronotrack.  ITS has an extensive line of timing chips available and also offers customization.   Ipico and Chronotrack are used at numerous races as is Jaguar.  In addition, Ipico and
Chronotrack may not currently offer a disposable chip for 40 cents.  The Jaguar Chip Timing System will read a Chronotrack chip, but it will not read an Ipico chip.  Ipico operates at a lower frequency
than Jaguar.    ITS recognizes and acknowledges the marks or trade names for Ipico and Chronotrack.  Competition is healthy for the race industry, so ITS welcomes competition from firms like Ipico
and Chrontrack.
Jaguar Product Information and News.
When it comes to chip timing systems, our Jaguar race timing system is the most advanced solution for
Marathons, triathlons, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, cross country skiing, motocross and more.  Our system
uses advanced RFID technology to deliver accurate race results.  Timing systems need to ensure that chip timing
works well for all types of events.  Many chip timing systems don't include the advanced software features that
Jaguar offers.  So, when it comes to chip timing systems, Jaguar delivers because it is the one chip timing system
that comes with all the tools you need.  News and other Information about Jaguar.
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ITS Product Information & News
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ITS Products come in many sizes and configurations.  Each system is custom built to provide you the exact set of
capabilities you need in your timing system.  Our ITS Jaguar
(tm) products can handle races as large as 100,000
participants and they offer extreme reliability.  Each system is modular and can be easily upgraded.  To receive pricing
information, simply call or email.
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ITS Jaguar G-Chip is blazing fast!  Click HERE to learn more about this new timing chip
chip timing system marathons cycling 10K 5K triathlons racing