chip timing system marathons cycling 10K 5K triathlons racing
Jaguar Configurations
When it comes to chip timing systems, our Jaguar race timing system is the most advanced solution for
Marathons, triathlons, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, cross country skiing, motocross and more.  Our system
uses advanced RFID technology to deliver accurate race results.  Timing systems need to ensure that chip timing
works well for all types of events.  Many chip timing systems don't include the advanced software features that
Jaguar offers.  So, when it comes to chip timing systems, Jaguar delivers because it is the one chip timing system
that comes with all the tools you need.  Jaguar System Configurations.
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ITS Jaguar(tm) Advantages
chip timing system marathons cycling 10K 5K triathlons racing
The Experts in RFID Chip Timing Systems and Race Management
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Innovative Timing Systems
Real-time Software that Delivers Results and Reports Instantly
Jaguar comes with our comprehensive software that displays real-time results, manages race
registrations, generates hundreds of reports, and handles every aspect of your race!
Real-time Play-by-Play Announcer System with Detailed Stats and Reports
Jaguar comes with our broadcast announcer system, which provides finisher information as
well as real-time race stats on a computer that your PA announcer can use during the race!
LCD Race Clock Software with Custom Messages, Logos, and Screens
Jaguar's digital race clock software provides real-time finish results on television displays, and
it can display advertising messages, sponsor logos, finisher results, and more!
Automatic Web Site, Cell Phone, Facebook and Twitter updates
Jaguar can automatically update your web site, cell phones, or email recipients with real-time
race reports so that race fans from anywhere in the world can view race results!
Jaguar Comes with Everything You Need for a Great Race!
Unlike competing systems, Jaguar comes complete with everything
you need including the Finish Line Tower, Laptop Computer, Jaguar
Race Software, Announcer System, Digital Race Clock Software,
Automatic Web Updates Software, Remote Control Software,
Registration system and Live Training over the internet!
ITS Jaguar(tm) is Comprehensive and Delivers More than just Chip Timing!