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When it comes to chip timing systems, our Jaguar race timing system is the most advanced solution for
Marathons, triathlons, cycling, mountain biking, skiing, cross country skiing, motocross and more.  Our system
uses advanced RFID technology to deliver accurate race results.  Timing systems need to ensure that chip timing
works well for all types of events.  Many chip timing systems don't include the advanced software features that
Jaguar offers.  So, when it comes to chip timing systems, Jaguar delivers because it is the one chip timing system
that comes with all the tools you need.  Hire us.
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Hiring Us to Time Your Event
Our company also provides complete race timing services to organizations that
may not be large enough to purchase their own timing system.  If you would like
to put on a world-class event, but simply can't make the investment in purchasing
our Jaguar system, why not hire us to time your race!  We are able to provide our
services anywhere in North America and we have the equipment and support
team to manage any size race.  When you hire us to time your event, we offer
various ala carte services that you can pick from to customize our solution.
When we provide timing services for your race, you can focus your attention elsewhere and trust that we'll provide you
outstanding services including real-time race updates and extensive reports.

The following are just a sample of the services we can provide when timing your event:

  • Chips already programmed and assigned to your runners
  • On-site race day registration and packet pickup services
  • Multiple timing points anywhere you desire on the course
  • Real-time progress reports from split points along the course
  • Real-time finisher reports as often as you like during the race
  • A complete Wi-Fi and/or wide area network operating at your race site
  • Real-time race updates for fans and families on their web enabled cell phones
  • Announcer screens for your PA announcer and your race staff
  • Complete start and finish line structures with custom banners
  • PA sound system with wireless microphones and race music
  • Portable power generators to power the start and finish line equipment
  • Large screen displays at the finish line with race video and results posted in real-time
  • Final finisher reports in HTML, text, or PDF format
  • Complete race results in files that can be read by Microsoft Excel or Word
  • Web site updates with final race results

Because we operate our own racing company, we have the experience, equipment, and staff to help you put on a world-
class event.  Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars on all the typical support gear, we can provide everything
you need.

To request a quote or to speak to us about your event, call us at (314) 737-4900 x118, or click on the link below to send
us an email requesting more information.
chip timing system marathons cycling 10K 5K triathlons racing
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